Death penalty

A lot of countries in the world still have the death penalty, and there are a lot of discussions going on about whether this really should be allowed.  

To kill is wrong, I think most people agree on that. Murderers should be punished, and they should be put in prison.

  But the thing is that I think killing people always should be forbidden. A murder is still a murder even if it is approved by the state. If someone has committed a murder, and we then decide to kill them for that  Ė then we are lowering ourselves to their level.

Some people mean that murderers deserve to die, because they have taken a life. But that just doesnít make any sense. I mean we donít rape rapists, and we do not steal from the thieves. No Ė we put them in prison. And that is what we should do to everyone who has committed a serious crime.

To have the murderer killed, might feel right for the victims family, but that will not give them their loved one back. The only thing that killing the murderer would do, is to hurt his or her family. And they donít deserve that, they havenít done anything wrong and they shouldnít have to suffer.

And if murderers are condemned to death, then they just die, and they donít have to live with what they have done. I actually think that a life in prison, where you constantly are reminded of what horrible things youíve done, is for most people worse than to die. Then dying could be the easy way out for them, like a relief. And I donít think they should have that, no they should have to pay for what theyíve done.

There is also always the possibility of convicting an innocent person. If you get clear evidence that the person who was convicted for the crime didnít do it, then itís just too late if that person already has received the lethal injection.

But I can still absolutely relate to the people who want to have the death penalty preserved. Because if somebody would kill someone in my family, I have to admit that might like to see that person dead, and then I and then possibly change my mind in this matter. Luckily though, this hasnít happened yet, and as for now, I believe that every person deserves a second chance. And nobody should have the right to take another persons life.


Charlotte Larsson 2008-01-13